Your willpower is not the problem.

You don’t have enough room! Until you make space for something new to thrive, you’ll never see the results you want.

Do you often ask yourself why other people achieve great things in life when you can barely remember to pick up the dry cleaning? You look up from your life and wonder how you can be so busy yet not accomplishing anything special to you. How do other people do it?

Do you spend all your time being managed by your life and wonder when you’ll ever be back in charge again?

Are you waiting for “your time” to arrive to finally get a chance to put your needs and desires first?

If you’re tired of being busy without achieving anything you really want, then we’ve got news you’ll want to hear.

We’re Betsy and Warren Talbot, and ten years ago we felt the same way. We had all-consuming jobs with a heavy travel schedule, a house too big for us to manage, out-of-control spending, and high blood pressure. Our waistlines grew, but everything else shrunk. We had no free time, no extra money, no energy, and a house which was slowly closing in on us with clutter. Our marriage was racing toward a cliff because we had no time to give to our relationship.

We were about as far from living the dream as you could imagine.

Can you relate?

One day we met up at the Denver International Airport, 2000 miles from our home in Boston. One of us was heading west for work, and the other was returning home.

Our date in the food court of the airport was the saddest on record, and it woke us up to how far we’d gotten from the life we wanted to live. This was our option for date night? Visiting conference rooms and eating fast-food meals were our travel highlights? No, no, no.

Once we both returned home, we sat at our kitchen table and had a tough conversation about what it would take to fix our lives without quitting our jobs and living in a tent in the forest.

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We systematically got rid of everything standing in our way. We moved to Seattle, got better jobs and a smaller house, had a social life, rediscovered our relationship, and got out of debt. Life was terrific, and we couldn’t imagine it being better.

But what we didn’t imagine back then, the magic we so want to share with you now, is the big payoff was still ahead of us. You see, when you remove what’s no longer working in your life, opportunities bloom like wildflowers in the open space. They are there for the picking.

We could have never predicted a trip around the world, starting our own business, publishing books, climbing mountains, or living in Spain. But this is what happened. And it’s all because we made the space for those opportunities to grow and had the ability to pick them.

If you long for opportunities to bloom in your life as well as the freedom to say YES when they do, then we invite you to join us for the premiere session of our online course, Clarity Clinic, on February 1, 2016.

Introducing Clarity Clinic

Over 100K people have read our books and taken our trainings over the years, and we often hear the same feedback when we show someone how to unclutter an area of their lives.

“This makes so much sense! Why didn’t I think of it before?


Practical, straightforward advice is what we crave and how we teach. Clarity Clinic contains the most powerful, hands-on strategies we know to unclutter your life in preparation for opportunity and adventure.

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What You’ll Discover

You’ll determine your Human Operating System, the way you’re wired. You won’t struggle over decisions anymore because you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Then we’ll start investigating every part of your life for what we call “suckage” – those habits, items, beliefs, relationships, and activities working against your overall happiness. You’re going to feel like you’ve lost 20 pounds when you finish this list. The relief washes off in waves to simply know what’s been holding you back in black and white.

The next segment is spent getting rid of every item on this list in practical ways and do-able ways. You’re going to love the technique we share on how to quickly visualize solutions to any problem, especially the “impossible” ones. You’ll feel capable of handling anything. We cannot overstate how good it feels to go through life feeling ready for whatever comes your way.

Then we’ll show you how to start testing what might work in your life with mini experiments, sort of a mad scientist approach to life. This concept is such a game-changer for students, and we can’t wait to show you how to use it in your life. You won’t be afraid of change in your life anymore. You’ll never feel trapped again.

And finally, we’ll show you how to open up your newly uncluttered life to the bigger possibilities in your future. Your life will grow and change as you want it to.

How the Course is Structured

There are 8 modules in this course with video lessons + a workbook + exercises to create long-lasting knowledge. Each week you’ll get an email from us introducing the week’s lesson. As you work through the videos and exercises, you can share your insights and questions with us and other students on the private Facebook community, where we’ll be interacting daily. Then on Saturdays, join us for a live group coaching call on each week’s topics plus a Q&A session to better support you.

Listen, we know you’re busy. You’re overwhelmed. This is why you’re here, and we’ve made it as convenient as possible to get more space+time+money+energy in your life in just 8 weeks.

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What People Say

People who can’t figure out how to make their goals happen—people just like you!—find our practical, down-to-earth style instantly relatable. Students of our books, courses, and podcast at An Uncluttered Life have gone from jobs they hate to signing book deals. They’ve figured out how to take sabbaticals for travel and rejuvenation. They’ve let go of who they used to be so they can embrace who they are now.

They’ve changed careers, moved to new locations, explored the world, started new businesses, lost weight, written books, found love, and created flexibility in their lives to handle the inevitable curve balls life throws sometimes. These are people who are capable of achieving just about anything they set their minds to, and it’s all because they have the clarity of knowing what belongs in their lives and what doesn’t.

vicki samo (square)I kept thinking that my life would be better if I had MORE, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until I discovered Warren and Betsy that I was going about it all wrong. BUYING more and CREATING more are two different things! Now I’m creating the “more” in my life and it is a lot more satisfying.” ~ Vicki Samo

Andrew & AlisonWarren and Betsy are down to earth, funny, honest, and they provide straight-up, no-nonsense advice on what you can do to improve your life.” ~ Alison & Andrew –

beth hayden“You feel like you are sitting with her over coffee and she’s giving you her best advice, friend-to-friend. And because her voice is so authentic and clear, you feel like you’re getting the straight scoop – no holds barred.” ~ Beth Hayden

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There Are No Guarantees in Life—However, There Are In This Course!

satisfaction-guaranteedWe’re more than confident you’re going to see life-changing results in our 8 weeks together. We’ve seen it firsthand and witnessed it with others we’ve privately coached.

If at the end of 8 weeks you don’t find the course worth every penny you paid for it (and then some), then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

We stand behind what we say and sell, and you have zero risk investing in this course.

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The Whole Deal

Traveling to Spain to work with us privately would cost you $10,000 (more or less, depending on your wine budget). Even coaching by phone with us would run you into the thousands of dollars, and you wouldn’t get the support and community of other students along the way.

Making change in your life is a challenge when you don’t have a good support system in place, and live support is a big part of the power of this program. You can go it alone, however it would take you months or years longer, and you wouldn’t have the ability to soak up knowledge from people who know what it takes as well as peers who can support you through.

This is the fastest, most economical option available to implement this life-changing method.

Here’s the whole deal, in a nutshell.

  • An Inspirational Welcome Video to set you on the right path for maximum payoff from this course
  • Direct Daily Access to Us + Fellow Students in a Private Facebook Group to discuss each week’s lessons
  • 8 Weekly Live Coaching Calls (recorded, for your convenience) with a Q&A segment
  • 8 Video Modules, all housed on your convenient member dashboard with lifetime access
  • Downloadable, Printable Workbook with Step-by-Step Instructions for clearing the crap from your life. You won’t waste a minute with these practical exercises designed to give you maximum payoff with minimal pain
  • A Powerful Graduation Video from us about continuing your efforts in the long-term so your life can continue evolving along with your goals

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Julius“The most powerful lesson Betsy and Warren ever taught me (so far, because I’m still paying attention!) is that it’s okay to let go of habits, relationships, and things that no longer work in my life. Just because I allow it into my life doesn’t mean it has to stay forever. That lesson eliminated 80% of the guilt in my life before I removed a single thing!” – Julius Sinkevicius

Lynne And Bob OConnor (125x125)“It’s all about choices, and Betsy and Warren are masters at showing how to pick the best one for your current situation and going with it. There is no such thing as failure, just actions and consequences. And they certainly won’t let you quit!” ~ Bob & Lynne OConnor

DianeCohnCrazyCropBetsy and Warren help you see that implementing a little discipline mixed with moxie, you can change your life and make things happen, no matter how big or audacious your vision may be.” ~ Diane Cohn

And we haven’t even talked about the bonuses yet!

50 ways to get unstuck

Bonus! 50 Ways to Get Unstuck in the Moment (downloadable PDF). This handy resource is your go-to reference when you’re feeling sucked back in by the negative. Keep it handy and refer to it often.

How to say NO cover (1)Bonus! 10 Ways to Say No, Thank You (downloadable PDF). If you don’t know how you’ll fit another commitment to your schedule yet still find it impossible to say no when someone asks for a favor, then these scripts are for you. Whether you say it in person, over the phone, or in email, you’ll finally have a clear way to say no without the guilt.

Stop the money leak now coverBonus! Eliminate Recurring Expenses (downloadable PDF). Do you ever forget to turn off those free trials, stop those annual renewals, or eliminate unnecessary fees? Stop bleeding money right now with a quick audit and discover how to never fall into this trap again.

Declutter garage video coverBonus! How to Declutter Your Garage in 1 Weekend (video series). If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life, then chances are your physical space is cluttered, too. This series will help you tackle the biggest area in your home and make more space for what’s to come.

Special Bonus

Experience Curating Cover Transparent Tilt (256x353)As a special bonus we are pleased to offer you a one hour live training with Joel Zaslofsky, the author behind the popular book Experience Curating. Joel will walk you through this valuable concept and show how you can use it to create more freedom in your life by curating what’s most important to you.

The entire course is yours for just $297.

(Need a payment plan? No problem. Just email and ask.)

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Imagine You Said YES Today

This is the image we wake up to every single day. This life fits us perfectly. However, Clarity Clinic isn’t about us—we’ve already put these lessons into action. Imagine what your life could look like if you took this course and applied these lessons to your life.

A view from the terraceYou’d know what makes you tick and how to get more of it. Then you’d look at every part of your life through your lens of knowing—knowing exactly what belonged—and design a life which fit you like a glove. You’d put yourself first, and you’d feel more satisfied and relaxed than ever before. People would comment on the change in you, maybe even ask if you’ve lost weight or been on vacation!

You’d have enough free time to enjoy your life. Your relationships would be strong and supportive. You’d have control of your money, and you’d love the space you live in.

You’d simply live the life you were always meant to. You’d be operating at your peak, and everyone around you would see it. Everything you want would seem possible, and you’d feel capable of handling anything.

You’d feel lucky to live this kind of life. And it wouldn’t be luck taking you there. It would be action, and we hope you’ll take the action today to gain the clarity and focus required to live your best life.

Say YES to yourself in 2016 and register for Clarity Clinic now. Class starts on February 1!

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P.S. Got questions we didn’t cover? Check out the FAQ page or email us now for a quick reply.